Holy Angels Catholic Parish and School, Aurora, IL is a community of priests, educators, parents, and parishioners dedicated to providing a combination of religious and academic excellence in its educational program. 

The school, with an enrollment of over 600 students, is the largest Catholic school in the Rockford diocese. Programs are offered from pre-school through eighth grade. In addition to basic academic subjects, Holy Angels offers other educational opportunities, including computer classes in grades K-8 and accelerated math classes in grades 6-8.  An emphasis on music and fine arts is evident in the school's concert band, jazz band, chorus, and general art and music programs. Remedial classes are available to children who need special help with basic academic skills. An extended care program offers quality supervised care from 6:30 AM before school and after school until 5:30 PM. 

The school boasts a large number of after-school clubs and activities. These clubs include chess, newspaper, drama, math, and Spanish.  "Rainbows For All God's Children," a program for children in single-parent families or who have experienced significant loss, is offered twice each year. The school's chess team has won many prizes in competitions around the state. The school has an annual yearbook that depicts the warmth and vitality of the school community. 

Holy Angels excels in sports as well as academics. The school's football team is made up of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade boys. Grades 5-8 participate in both the girls' and boys' basketball teams. Girls in grades 5-8 are eligible for the volleyball team, and students in the upper four grades are also able to participate in the school's track teams. Cheerleading is open to 7th and 8th grade girls. 

Holy Angels students engage in numerous Christian service projects, 

  ranging from collecting food for the parish's food pantry to supporting Catholic missions in Peru, and other countries. Each week one class from Holy Angels visits one of two nearby nursing homes to assist at liturgies and visit with the residents. 

Prayer receives major emphasis at Holy Angels. The children are involved in planning and participating in the liturgy, attending Mass once a week as a school and are asked to go on Sunday as a family. Pupils pray together in the classroom at the beginning of the morning and afternoon sessions, at the end of the day and before the noon meal. A portion of the rosary is recited each day and special prayer services are also held from time to time in classrooms. Morning prayer is led over the public address system by a different child each day. Prayer is offered for the concerns of the community, the nation, and the world as well as the personal needs and intentions of the individuals and families. 

At Holy Angels, the parents are active and involved as well as the children. The school has over 300 parent volunteers who work at everything from maintenance work to overseeing lunchtime and the playground to serving as room mothers and teacher's helpers. The Home and School Association is also active in supporting fundraising and all school activities. The high level of parental involvement is evident in the attendance at November parent-teacher conferences, which is always close to 100% participation. 

The excellence of Holy Angels' academic program is manifested in its high standardized testing scores, numerous scholastic awards and prizes, and the success of its graduates in high school, college, and beyond. Projects from the science fair and history fair advance to the regional level and capture top honors at the state level.

For more information, call 630-897-3613 or see our school web page at www.holyangelsschool.net